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website template Bootstrap 5 coming soon. Stay updated! Here’s what we plan to build:

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8 one page Bootstrap HTML5 templates Bundle

Responsive Design All templates in this collection are built with a responsive design. That means they’ll work perfectly no matter where your users choose to view your site. No matter the device (iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc.), your site will look great and function perfectly.

Cross-Browser Compatible Everyone’s got their favorite browsers, so no need to worry. These Bootstrap templates perform beautifully on all of today’s popular Web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9+.

Clear, Organized Code The beautiful thing about Bootstrap is that all code is clearly labeled and easy to follow. That means it’s easy to update as well. And all KIT templates included in this collection not only meet today’s Web design standards, but they’re also a breeze to follow.


If you think that Bootstrap templates are not enough for you, you should go with Bootstraptor. You will have a wide range to select from, which automatically gives you a lot of interesting things to work with.

  • InspireTrends.com

For those who would like to have more templates than what’s just being offered with the bootstrap template sets, Bootstraptor brings you so much more…”

  • SmashingHub.com

Bootstraptor.com – a selection of a large number of premium Bootstrap templates including Starter Kit, based on the Bootstrap framework…

  • HabraHabr.ru

… Awesome – thanks for the resource. They look great!

  • @99designs

Have you heard about @bootstraptor yet? They are blowing up, with tools for web development with Bootstrap.

  • @Mattermark


πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Bootstraptor here to let you know how to make responsive web templates β€¨

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 With the Blueprints app, you can make web prototypes on the fly

β–  Head-start with 180 templates collection

β–  Add ready-made blocks to meet your goals

β–  Modify blocks order

β–  Create a structure with pages and blocks

Simplify your workflow! Blueprints Tool is Super easy to use

Lets you choose the best layout for your information:

β–  Pick a template that meets your goals.

β–  Choose color theme in a click

β–  Export clean Bootstrap v4 HTML flat file
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β–  Open and reuse/remix your templates

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All the best,

Anatolii aka @Bootstraptor,

Blueprints app maker. Product designer, entrepreneur, digital nomad. Help companies growing sales through design, marketing.

From the Blog: “How and Why I built this app?” Read on Medium: https://medium.com/@bootstraptor/how-to-create-unlimited-layouts-for-your-websites-in-less-time-with-zero-coding-297abec8c543

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Download free Bootstrap templates


About Twitter Bootstrap Framework method (old version)

What is Bootstrapping This method is successfully used in programming as developing successively more complicated quick programming environment.

The bootstrapping principle – from simple to difficult – the first bit of information, then they compose of a large part of blocks of smaller blocks are being built larger and so on to infinity. It is very convenient because such a constructor is a ready set of tools to build programs, such as user interfaces, web sites like the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

The simplest example of such an environment can be seen in a very simple text editor, assembler. Using these tools, you can write a more complex text editor, and a simple compiler in a high-level language and so on, until you can’t have a graphical interface, IDE and an extremely high-level programming language. (text from the wiki)

Historically, bootstrapping also belongs to the early development methodology of computer programs on the new equipment. The method described in this paragraph has been replaced by the use of a cross-compiler. It is due to the application of the principle on its basis and was named the Bootstrap framework.

The task of our service – give to bootstrap developers more integrated blocks, from which you can then quickly create ready-made websites and templates.

In addition to finished examples of pages and templates, we provide a set of parts of the pages(snippets) created in HTML5 codes on the Bootstrap base.

Our aim is to help the Bootstrap developer community. You can see more details in our blog (Bootstrap how to), where a lot of materials on how to customize bootstrap, prototyping of websites, create snippets and collect ready pages, templates, and sites of elements, units and ready-made pages that you can get on our website.

Build beautiful websites visually

About Bootstrap framework

Bootstrap – a free set of tools for creating websites and web applications created @fat and @mdo. Includes HTML and CSS design templates for typography, web forms, buttons, labels, blocks, navigating and other components of the web interfaces, including JavaScript extensions.

Bootstrap using the most modern achievements in the field of CSS and HTML, so one must be careful with the support of older browsers. The basic tools Bootstrap: Grid – the preset size of columns that can be used immediately, for example, column width 140px belongs to a class of .span2 that you can use CSS description of the document. Templates – Fixed or rubber document template.

Typography – font Description, determination of some classes for fonts such as code, quotes, etc. Media Represents some manage your images and video.

Table – decorator tables, up to add the functionality of the sort. Form Classes for registration not only form but some of the events that occur with them. Navigation Classes clearance for Tabs, Tabs, Twitter Bootstrap – a free set of tools for creating websites and web applications. Includes HTML and CSS design templates for typography, web forms, buttons, labels, blocks, navigating and other components of the web interfaces, including JavaScript extensions.

Bootstrap using the most modern achievements in the field of CSS and HTML, so one must be careful with the support of older browsers.

With the increasing figures of websites being developed, created, and launched each day, the competition gets stiffer in order to promote products and services among online visitors and users. There are different tools being offered and used by different webmasters in order to keep the competition healthy and exciting. Profit is the end goal, and long-term stability in order to stay in the online business where the large scale of the market has encompassed both novice and professionals. With the introduction of bootstrap, the popularity of the site will be boosted since it has a responsive framework that is integral in keeping site visibility and visits.

Some of the benefits of the bootstrap tools and generators are its add-ons, prestyled components of the library, and other features. Hence, if you want to create tiny and big miracles on your site to make it amazing, get down to these ultimate resources of templates, generators, and utilities. Hence, the majority of them that you can see below are crafted according to professional demands and website quality that suits in any mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Its support other responsive designs for the site since it has the largest and matured framework according to user figures.

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