100 Bootstrap starter templates: this Kit will save you valuable time!

If you are going to create a website on Bootstrap or you often do this, this Bootstrap Starter Kit will save you valuable time.

Most sites are made up of dozens of different templates, you can find yourself trying to build out a number of new templates on the Bootstrap framework.

That’s why this Bootstrap Starter KIT is perfect: it offers all the killer Bootstrap functionality, but with a ton more templates to work with!

bootstrap starter

Websites are usually created in just a few categories, and therefore having a set of starter templates makes it easy to develop.

The first KIT of starter Bootstrap templates that I created over 6 years ago was a phenomenal success.

I also got a mention of this product in top web magazines with millions of audiences.

So, I updated it from version to version (at the same time as updating the Bootstrap framework itself) adding more and more new templates, functions, and layouts.

This Kit built with Bootstrap 4 version in 2019. And I have a plan to updated it to the Bootstrap 5 version in 2020 when it’ll be released.

Now, this is the third Bootstrap Starter Kit and now you can see on the product page what it looks like. [ Click to see the Starter Kit demo ]

Bootstrap Starter Kit video demo

This starter pack included 100 most on-demanded Bootstrap v4 web templates in most popular categories:

  • Blog templates
  • Business templates
  • Landing pages templates
  • Dashboard templates
  • E-commerce templates
  • Project templates
  • Masonry grid and filtering templates
  • Portfolio templates
  • Personal “About me” templates
  • Pricing templates
  • Video responsive templates
  • Slider(carousel) templates
Bootstrap starter templates

I always focus on new trends and often create templates inspired by my favorite web projects.

But if you believe the discussion on Twitter, I’m not the only one who acts like this – everyone is inspired by something – so the cycle continues!

And I didn’t even think that this project will get a small hype on Twitter but it happened.

You always need a skeleton Bootstrap starter templates for your startups and websites.

If you want to get moving with Bootstrap faster you’ll need more starter templates, in this Starter Kit you’ll find everything you need to finish your site in time. 

Time is money in this business, If you want to get moving faster, you need to check out the Bootstrap Starter KIT by Bootstraptor.com

– WebDesignerDepot.com

This starter pack is well suited for both beginners and advanced developers.

Beginners just need to choose the appropriate templates for their collection. Replace pictures and text and you are ready to launch your website.

Build beautiful websites visually

Advanced users can use a powerful customization system based on the GulpJS file. Custom Bootstrap design system includes all necessary SASS files and full documentation.

Edit Bootstrap styles with SASS(.scss)

For example, this blog is built on the Understrap(Bootstrap 4 WordPress starter theme).

I used CSS styles from Starter Kit – just changed some overrides in SASS files, compile and added CSS files to the WordPress theme.

The result – my blog is sparkling and I can easily change styles.

It also has a modular structure so that you can easily remove unnecessary components from default Bootstrap styles.

So if you are a professional developer, you will find all the necessary parts – correctly structured Sass files and a SASS precompiler with a GulpJS file.

In addition to all those useful Bootstrap templates, your purchase of this Deal includes 5 fabulous Bootstrap 4.0 themes color swatches to liven up the look of your site.

Build-in CSS styles

So you only need to choose the appropriate style and color scheme and add the finished file (7 are included in the package)

You can start saving your time with Bootstrap right now Buy Bootstrap Starter Kit today >>

or learn more and see the live demo of all templates >>

In the next post, I will describe in detail how to change and customize your bootstrap styles in an advanced manner.

So stay updated and follow us on Twitter to receive new templates and tutorials as soon as they are available.

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