Deal of the week: 10 Twitter Bootstrap templates

One of the very best frameworks to build new sites is Bootstrap. Mobile-first, lightweight and powerful; it’s a great starting point. The only issues with Bootstrap are that it’s both easily recognized due to extensive use, and time-consuming to modify due to its comprehensive approach.

Solving these problems are 10 premium Bootstrap templates from Bootstraptor. Use them to extend Bootstrap, get a headstart on customizing for your clients, or use them as they are. And thanks to our sister-site,, you can get these 10 premium templates for $10; that’s just $1 per template!

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All templates are built with valid HTML and use responsive techniques to ensure they perform perfectly across a complete range of devices. But that’s not all, the precise coding of Bootstrap means the templates are primed for an SEO campaign, and once customers have found the site, the clean design makes them super user-friendly.

There are business templates, landing pages, parallax templates, multi-page and single-pages, scroller templates and pricing tables. The contemporary designs are ideal for updating out-of-date sites.

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