Social proof is the new type of marketing tools that’s really works

Social proof is the new type of marketing tools that really works!

Think about it like building the foundation for massively scalable word-of-mouth.

Now you can use social proof like Drift,, Airbnb, and hundreds of other industry leaders.

According to some researchers, social proof can skyrocket website conversions by over 250%. is a nifty tool to add social proof to your website with a few lines of code. It gives you the easiest way to place and update your data with Google Sheet.

Here are some top benefits of using

  • Boosts conversions on your website and store
  • Creates a FOMO effect by over 250%
  • Shows recent customer activity to users
  • Builds store trust with your audience easily
  • Converts traffic into sales
  • Generates more sales on landing & checkout

Start for free on

Enjoy cool features like widget builder app, clickable product links, notification widget, testimonial widget, user Geolocation, customizable settings like icons, images, themes, position, border-radius, etc.

Build credibility with hot streaks showing notifications of real people taking action on your site today!

Why Choose Social Proof Widget and Notification Popups?

Imports Past Data: If you have enough data in the past but no time then simply paste your past data and start converting.

Works on Any Websites: works on any CMS’s, E-commerce, landing pages, website builders, and static websites.

Customizable Settings: It allows you to customize what’s important to fit your website style: themes, position, border-radius.

Clickable Product Links: attracts more users and increase sales with clickable links leading to your product page.

Ultimate Marketing Star: By using social proof widget, sales themselves grow immediately by 100% and more! Are you gonna go this way?

Customizable Icon Image: Nothing conveys a message like an image! also made it possible to include animated Gifs! Isn’t it awesome?

Google Sheet Powered: Google Sheet is the simplest way to change and update your data and is the #1 in the market with this feature, period!

Features Coming Soon…

Customizable Colors: Customize the background and text colors of the widget to fit your website design perfectly.

More Widgets: plans constant upgrades, and soon new widgets will be added like Pop-up informers, Live users counter, Call to action, Videos, and many more.

Start increasing conversions for free on today!

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