Updated: how I make a new Bootstrap WordPress theme for Bootstraptor.com

Whoa! I did it! After 6 years of oblivion, I updated my blog on the new Bootstrap WordPress theme. A small post on how I did this.

– Bootstraptor

Looking back in the distant 2013, I started my Bootstraptor project.

In the beginning, I created my blog on the Tumblr platform, but then I decided to try WordPress.

In just half a year, my traffic grew to 60,000+ visitors per month.

But after that, I was completely focused on creating my products.

The products brought good profit, so I abandoned my site and practically did not update it.

The result: is drama here! Traffic fell 60 times to 1000 per month (2019).

So I already know what to do. And the first thing I decided to start with was updating the WordPress theme.

I love Bootstrap and of course, my project about bootstrap means that my site should be on bootstrap too.

I took as a basis the well-known Bootstrap WordPress theme named Understrap – which was good from reviews and has K100+ downloads.

Which by default is made on Bootstrap and has advanced functions for customization such as working with NPM and SASS.

Understrap theme

New Bootstraptor website look

Bootstraptor 4.0.
Bootstrap wordpress
Main blog page
Single post page

I rebuild a few main pages – single-page.php layout, and some loops and WordPress functions inside the theme.

Cons: it was not always possible to use bootstrap classes everywhere in WordPress code. For example, to change the tag cloud with bootstrap classes, I had to look for snippet code and add it as a filter to functions.php file:

// add custom class to tag
function add_class_the_tags($html){
    $postid = get_the_ID();
    $html = str_replace('<a','<a class="badge badge-light px-3 py-1 m-2 "',$html);
    return $html;

I mainly focus is on responsive website templates building tools.

I created a simple application for quickly creating bootstrap templates

– one of my main requirements for my own app – is simplicity and UI intuitiveness.

Here is the result. Bootstraptor.com website updated in a few hours.

So with Bootstrap templates builder which I can simply change layouts and the arrangement of elements and integrate Bootstrap layouts to my WordPress themes.

Build beautiful websites visually

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