How to apply bootstrap theme style in the bootstrap builder

Learn how to apply bootstrap style themes in the bootstrap builder.

In the Bootstrap website builder Blueprints app, you can choose from 10 available bootstrap themes and apply them in one click to your template.

All the necessary CSS and Javascript files are already in the HTML file itself and, according to the recommendation of Bootstrap, refer to the CDN.

This way you do not need to add any files or folders to your project.

However, you can add your own files or for example a custom CSS style Bootstrap theme.

For example, download a free Bootstrap theme included with the template and replacing the default stylesheet with these custom styles.

To do this, download a zip folder and unpack it on your computer.

Upload your HTML bootstrap file to this folder.

Open your HTML file in any code editor

(For example or )

and add a link to the new stylesheet replacing them with the default bootstrap style in the <head> tag of the HTML document. Find this link:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=" ">

and replace it with this link:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/app.css"> 

so the new styles app.css file  included in the folder assets/css/
where app.css will be applied as a new style theme for your template.

Save the file and open it in a browser to see the result.

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