Popups Automation with nocode tools: Zapier and Integromat with examples

Hi guys,

As you know I make the Proven.ly social proof and notifications popups powered with Google Sheets

Our goal at Proven.ly to make social proof pop ups and notifications/announcemets more accessible for everyone.

So the very idea is transform Google Sheet’s into any embeddable widgets to show on any website.

so you can push and update your data with the simplicity of Google Sheets

and automate  w/ nocode and automations tools as Zapier or Integrately

Here are some example automations:

ConvertKit.com -> Integrately.com -> Proven.ly social proof widget automation Copy the receipt: https://app.integrately.com/clone/eyJpZCI6Mzc0MTUsInUiOjIyNzN90

Show latest YouTube video on your channel with Notification widget Google Sheets template (open Notifications tab at the bottom of the sheet) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QJR_3SwBlGSePyCttNfP_I0CAKjFgGpRsLc-K83sN8k/edit?usp=sharing Start with the Zap https://zapier.com/shared/889ff6633d2f5f0cfb2838b21d846f58de95fdb6

Shopify -> Proven.ly social proof widget automation Shopify integration Copy our Zap template to get started https://zapier.com/shared/00a864e59777ac6aec19c336f8d0a64f7922a6b2

Automizy.com -> Proven.ly social proof widget automation How-to: https://app.proven.ly/automizy-proven-ly-social-proof-widget-automation/

🦊SendFox –

How to & live example widget: https://app.proven.ly/sendfox-zapier-google-sheet-automation-proven-ly-social-proof-widget As soon as a new subscription is created on the SendFox page https://sendfox.com/useprovenly through the subscription form, a new contact is immediately shown in the widget.

More automations and widgets coming soon.


Create FOMO and boost views on inner pages, as well the whole website

Show social proof,product banners, promo widgets, announcements, and notifications on any website or page

Automate w/ no-code tools: Google Forms, Google Sheets and Zapier(beta)

Best for: Startup’s, SMB’s or one-page stores, makers, and marketers who want to increase landing pages and e-stores sales.

Or start for free at 


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