Humans are weird. Social proof?

Humans are weird.

If you want to get them to do things, your best bet is to understand how their brains work.

A human that wants to do something, that sees other humans doing that thing,
will often use that as a sign that they should do that thing, too.

Sometimes, a human that sees another human doing something will start doing that thing even if they didn’t already want to do that thing.

Simple animals.

But when you hear this, your ego jumps up and says, “No, I’m smart. I actually think. I’m not like that.”

But you are. We all are. For better or worse, we’re humans.

Social proof.

This bamboozles users into believing an item is in high demand which puts them under pressure to make a quick buying decision.

Users feel that if they don’t make a decision soon then they will lose out on this novel opportunity.

So which side are you on?

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