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Start your new SaaS project on just a weekend.

Meet a unique way for freelancers, agencies, and online companies to make money on the most relevant marketing web trend – Social Proof + Website builder.

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Create your own online service (SaaS) – a social proof builder widget under your own logo. Your clients can build their own widgets under It works with any WordPress content restriction plugin or any of your own CMS.

  • Custom CMS Service with your own
    • Pricing plans
    • Branding and login
  • Brand Link display on the widget
  • Pro features like plan upgrade for brand link removal
  • Quick launch
  • Self-hosting
  • High demand niche with almost no competitors

This sounds promising! Isn’t it?? Create or extend your online business in a short time! Be your own boss and grow your business with your own rules. Soo… Let’s get started! Seamlessly integrate a white-labeled Social Proof Builder into your existing ecosystem

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An Overview Of Provenly Social Proof Widget Builder (Reseller SaaS White-Label License)

Why Choose Provenly Social Proof Widget With White-Label SaaS License?

  • Business Growth: Grow your business with a new product your customers want today and tomorrow. Sell offline or online.
  • High Demand: The demand for such widgets is growing rapidly and the niche is almost empty from competitors.
  • Proven Efficiency: This works to increase conversion without any doubts. Your customers will like it.
  • Good Investment: Just do the math – you can sell the widget from $ 60/year, and the number of potential customers is millions.
  • Sells Itself: Get new users without advertising costs. Users will see your branded “Powered-by” link on the widget.
  • Your Own Branding: You sell to your clients under your own Brand. Let customers feel that this is your service.
  • Quick Launch: Just install the script on your hosting and you are ready to start selling it to your customers.
  • Self-Hosted: Install the script on your own server/hosting. Take full control of your service.
  • Create your own service(SaaS) where you can charge a fee / paid subscription for unlimited customers. Best for online services SaaS.
  • Single server SaaS license


White Label + Custom Branding

It’s a quick way to start your new profitable SaaS side-project on just a weekend.

Choose Premade Styles Or Add Your Own CSS Themes

Pick the best color palette tailored to your brand.

Extend with own blocks
and style themes

Export ready to web publishing HTML flat file in 1sec. Proceed to production. Download clean HTML file. No dependency assets or linked files needed. Upload to your hosting or edit with any code editor or send file in email.

Add new blocks categories
Add own design blocks
Backed by WordPress
White-label & Customisable
Featured Product on Top-10 Tech Resources

Created by the team!

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