Bootstrap Startup UI KIT: 80+ professionally coded HTML5 UI blocks

Startup UI KIT is perfect: it offers all the killer Bootstrap functionality, but with a ton more templates to work with.

(FYI Download the free template from the collection at the bottom of this post!)

Bootstrap 4 Startup UI KIT clean, simple design makes it a perfect fit for today’s flat aesthetic.

The beautiful thing about Bootstrap is that all code is clearly labeled and easy to follow. That means it’s easy to update as well.

And all KIT blocks included in this collection not only meet today’s Web design standards, but they’re also a breeze to follow.

See live demo:

Buy NEXT UI KIT on Bootstrap themes market:

This Bootstrap starter kit comes with theme swatches, example pages, and pre-built blocks to help you get started faster.

Bootstrap web design system

Extended with examples

You can change the text and images and you’re good to go.

More importantly, looking at them will give you a picture of what you can build with this powerful Bootstrap 4 UI kit.

Reusable Bootstrap 4 Snippets Library. Simply copy and paste the necessary parts of the code.

🎯Powerful Bootstrap

Bootstrap clean, efficient code has a beautiful order to it that’s simple to follow, resulting in faster programming and site speed.

😻Slick and modern Design

It can save a designer ton of time by hashing out the details of a site’s design, functionality, and content prior to actually using a visual design.

🙏Responsive Layouts

Responsive design templates have already been tested on a specific set of browsers and devices, which reduces the work required to launch a website.

🌿Giving you the freedom of choosing and combining

Thousands of possible combinations. All components can take variations in color, that you can easily modify using SASS files. You will save a lot of time going from prototyping to full-functional code because all elements are implemented. We wanted the design process to be seamless, so switching from image to the real page is very easy to do.


Packed with a large number of sections. Putting together a page has never been easier than matching together sections. From team presentation to pricing options, you can easily customize and built your pages. We have created multiple options for you to put together and customize into pixel perfect pages.


We worked over the official Bootstrap classes and elements so your integration with a new project will be very smooth. If you are familiar with the Bootstrap syntax you will fall in love with this UI Kit. You will be able to change the colors and elements’ styles using SASS variables.

About me template built with Bootstrap Startup UI KIT

Download free sample(“About me” Bootstrap example template):

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