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AI instant makeover for your home

ArchitectAI™ by Bootstraptor, world’s first AI architecture + interior + landscape designer (all-in-one) transform photos and sketches to a new design style. Generate outstanding concepts. Visualize with stunning photo realism. Save time & money on design.


  • Effortlessly generate intricate architectural, interior and landscape designs – Save time and resources in the design process
  • Visualize and present concepts with stunning realism
  • Bring your designs to life with lifelike renderings that capture the imagination.
  • Accelerate project progress, make faster decisions, and increase success rates.
  • Impress clients, stakeholders, and investors with stunning visual presentations.

Gain access to an 400+ architecture, interior and landscape design styles, receiving each new design variation within seconds.

Mix and match options and styles effortlessly, allowing you to create a completely new and unique architectural, interior, or landscape designs.

Caters to various architectural use cases, including residential, commercial, and urban design. It’s versatility allows you to bring any architectural vision to life with ease.

Explore and mix different architectural styles to create a truly unique and personalized design.

Choose from a wide variety of room types and interior styles to match your taste and create the perfect ambiance in every space.

Transform your outdoor areas with diverse landscape styles that range from serene gardens to modern hardscaping.

“ArchitectAI is more than a tool; it’s like a creative partner that doesn’t limit you. It’s an invitation to dream bigger, and as someone who’s all about pushing boundaries, I’m here for it.” ~

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