White-Label Reseller Social Proof Widget Builder

PROVEN.LY white-label platform gets you your own online business(SaaS) with built-in monetization in minimal time.

Sell Social Proof Widget Under Your Own Brand. Meet a unique way for

freelancers, agencies, and online companies to make money on the most

relevant marketing web trends.

Choose from our trusted models and business scenarios


  • Your Social Proof builder under your own logo
  • Let your clients build their own widgets under yourdomain.com
  • Seamlessly integrate a white-labeled Social Proof Builder into your existing ecosystem or launch on new domain/server
  • Set your own pricing model

Your clients know and trust your brand.
Use it to your advantage.

The Provenly Platform allows you to take our best-in-class white-label software, paint it with your branding, and mark it up to generate immediate ROI. You keep 100% of the profits.

Customize the white-label products, emails, and reports with your:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Product names
  • End-user marketing
  • Domains
  • Color

Check them out now: https://proven.ly/pricing-main-2.html

Or try the free version: https://proven.ly/sign-up-demo.html

Social Proof widget white label
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