White label website builder

The white label website builder is suitable for you to create your own website builder online service(SaaS) or expand your existing service as a reseller.

Unlike other white label website builders, the price includes open source code and no subscription.

So you pay only once, get the source code, and place it on your own hosting.

Currently, more than 10,000 users around the world use our website builder so it is a proven and convenient solution.

You can read about all features here:

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You can use the White Label Website builder to create your own SaaS web service

Hosting will depend on the number of users (as this determines the load on the server). But usually, for this, you need the simplest hosting so that the costs will be minimal.

The website builder generates an HTML file that you just need to save on the server-side.

There are only a few files then you will need to adapt for your server.

You will also need to integrate user registration and page saving on your own, as the builder is just a static HTML editor / page generator.

Also, there is a function of the contact form ( built with PHP) so users get a fully-functional website.

At the first stage, you can also not place user sites on your hosting but give them the opportunity to download ready-made templates – this will greatly simplify the launch of your white label website builder project.

There I will also include a bundle of 25 ready-made templates with the same license as a bonus https://demo.bootstraptor.com/blocks-templates.html

So your users will be able to start already with finished projects, it will be an additional advantage for your new service!

There are no special requirements for your domain (white label license)
so that you can run it on any domain (however, the license assumes that you run on only one domain without limiting the number of users)

Also, there are no special requirements for the server itself.
You can run this website builder even in a local browser.

What about pricing?

The regular price of the White Label Website builder is $990,

but for the limited time, we offer a 90% discount!

So hurry up, the price does not stay long so low!

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